The Project M.U.R. is an international youth project connecting young people from Austria and Slovenia.

This valuable relationship spreading over 2 countries was started way back in 2011 with a project called Youth Today.

2015 a new generation of girls and boys came together to design a map highlighting their favourit places on both sides of the MUR.





We are back with a NEW Project!


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 RoundtablesRoundables- Youth about Economy


01.06.2017 4th Roundtable

4ter Stammtisch-min

We are very happy to report a successful 4th Roundtable @Jugendraum RAdau on June 1st. Our Expert Thomas Heuberger (WKO) created an interactive Workshop including hand-on start-up development tools and background information on Austrias´ economic situation.

All material can be requested at the Regional Jugendmanagement
Downloading PPT-Presentation in german – HERE





Pressekonferenz MUR 2.0 – Jugend spricht Wirtschaft

foto-pressekonferenz_cms  Pressekonferenz  Pressekonferenz 1



4th Roundtable “Start-up Workshop”

01st of June @ 6 p.m.
Jugendraum RAdau – Bad Radkersburg

Thomas Heuberger (WKO)

Heuberger Thomas WKO


Die WKO Regionalstelle Südoststeiermark vertritt die Interessen der südoststeirischen Unternehmer, fördert durch vielfältige Serviceleistungen die heimische Wirtschaft und unterstützt durch Know-how.


  • idea finding process
  • How to create your own start-up?
  • Where do I find information?
  • … and a lot more!





4th Roundtable – Bad Radkersburg

2nd Roundtable – Deutsch Goritz

Teilnehmer 2nd Raundtable Flyer 2nd Roundtable Expert 2nd Round Table Participants 2nd roundtable Participants 2nd roundtable Participants 2nd roundtable

1st Roundtable – Gornja Radgona

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Click HERE to watch the full Video!


01.06.2017 @ 6 p.m.
Jugendraum RAdau – Bad Radkersburg

4ter Stammtisch-min

Thomas Heuberger – Regionalstellenleiter Wirtschaftskammer Südoststeiermark


02.02.2017 @ 6 p.m.
Deutsch Goritz, Austria

2ter Stammtisch-min

Start-up Gründer Florian Flock

Copyright: Körbler

Key Statements

” Employees are investement”
” personal contact is key”
” Always ask yourself – How can I help my contacts”
” The key to success is not the service itself but how where you posistion yourself”


  • work on your appearence
  • there is no stupid business idea
  • do not hesitate to build personal contact
  • do not neglect your family and friends
  • focus on successful business peopel to learn
  • do sports for relaxation



  • If you are a small Company it is difficult to handle huge deals with bigger companies due to scarce ressources and missing references
  • In many cases your work won´t be valued as the main factor is the price
  • when you grow your company you most likely have to rise your prices which afffects your ability to compete on the market



1st Roundtable

17.11.2016 @ 6 p.m.
MC Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

1ster Stammtisch-min

Information about … eVineyard – Management Software

What is eVineyard?
“eVineyard is a Management Software app that helps you with paperwork and crucial decisions – to save time, improve sustainability and performance.”

Who is eVineyard? 
” We’re blend of winegrowers and agronomists, informatics and engineers, sommeliers and business developers. We work with joy every single day to keep eVineyard in good condition – fresh, rich, healthy and tasty – for you.”

Who uses eVineyard?
“eVineyard is used by vineyards in multiple countries around the world. It is used by growers managing from one hectare of vineyards, up to the largest vineyard owners in certain countries, owning multiple hundereds of hectares of vineyard”

Visit them at




Logo RJM

Katharina Kortschak, M.A.
Region Südoststeiermark. Steirisches Vulkanland
Grazertorplatz 3, 8490 Bad Radkersburg
(0043) 664 866 74 746

Boris Fartek, M.A.
Mladinski Center Gornja Radgona
Zavod Kultprotur
Trg. svobode 15, 9250 Gornja Radgona
(00386) 31 60 32 23
Michael Peterka, BSc.
Jugendbeauftragter Bad Radkersburg
(0043) 664 420 50 56



Here you will find our official press kit, and Archive of press releases


Press Releases:

+ Project Information (german)
+ Project Information (slovenian)

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15.06.2017 Woche – HERE





Regional Youth Management (1181×823)
+ Youth Centre Gornja Radgona (570×482)
+ Municipality Bad Radkersburg (490×406)
+ Municipality Gornja Radgona (223×216)


+ Flyer (german)
+ Flyer (slovenian)
+ Poster 1st Roundtable (german)
+ Poster 1st Roundtable (slovenian)


+ Presentation press conference 28.11.2016